Goldmark City, 136 Ho Tung Mau, Hanoi – the best choice for foreigners destination

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I’m sure that, Most of foreigners at their first time in Vietnam are in deep shock with traffic, service, Crowded population. It is too difficulty to find a destination. Construction sites with concretization rate of up to 70% or even 80% that makes the atmosphere hot and stuffy.  Smoke and dust  cover pretty much everywhere. Therefore if you are living in Vietnam, What do you like your house to be, after a busy airy aspace and utilities to relax.
I’m pleasure to introduce you “The city of gardens” located in the heart of Hanoi. Goldmark City (GMC.) 136, Ho Tung Mau street, Bac Tu Liem Town, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

Goldmark city phoi canh tong the

Goldmark City perpective

Goldmark city is a complex of the most high-end, large-scale and morden serviced apartment in west of Hanoi,  having the total area of 12 hectares. However the construction density only accounts for a modest figure of 23.3%. More than 70% of the remaining area, with an investment of 155 billion VND, are dedicated to nature landscapes, including four large unique squares.

Golmark city includes Ruby square, of 7.926 m2, equivalent to 29.9% of the area, one of the top four most unique. The radiant Sunshine Tree Tower are the highlights of Ruby Square, made up of thousands of pottery pieces of ruby shapes. They make us feel like that we’re watching a lively and colorful painting. The plants here will increase the sense of dynamicity excitement and happiness for residents. Let’s set aside the fatigue of the past day and relax your mind in the melodious symphony of thin water curtains and small gurgling waterfalls at water square. On sweltering summer days, this definitely is the ideal venue that cools our soul and tones down the summer heat. In addition to the airy space and the cool water, there is also a combination of high-branching trees.

Goldmark City Ruby Square

Goldmark City Ruby Square

If you are looking for an ideal place to organize recreational activities, Sapphire Square is a place not to be missed. The sparkling, multi-colored Pavillons which resemble sapphires, along with the gentle scent of flowers will definitely give you peace and comfort as if you are in a luxury resort. Aside from the harmony of wind and water, Light Square will serve you an incredible feast of lights with beautiful sunshine and unique shadow effects at different times of the day.
Is there any place in Goldmark City that filled with colors and scents? The answer lies in the radiant Rainbow Flower Garden with beautiful flowers cascades blooming along the aisle. Residents and tourists will definitely be impressed at the first sight by the abundance of plants and flowers here. “Splendid, enjoyable, colorful and unique” are the most accurate words to describe the Rainbow Flower Garden of Goldmark City.

Goldmark ity quang truong sapphire

Goldmark city Sapphire Square

Places I just led you through are the unique additions to the green and friendly public spaces of Goldmark City. But not only that, there’s also a descisive factor that gives GMC the confidence to name itseld “The city of gardens”. GMC is locatel right across a park and a balancing lake covering approximate 2 hectares that is currently rushed to finish by the city, along with the planting system all over the surrounding functional areas.
We understand that you do not bye a home, but life value so we always try our best to make you satisfied. Goldmark City Prosper life and lasting happiness.

Overview of Golmark City:

Address: 136, Ho Tung Mau, Bac Tu Liem, Ha Noi
Investor: Viet Han Trading – Advertising – Construction – Real Estate Co., Ltd
Project management and development: TNR holding Vietnam
Location: Combination class Goldmark City apartment located on 136, Ho Tung Mau spacious than 40 meters wide, adjacent to the elevated railway system, convenient transportation and almost immediately the key position as My Dinh stadium, Doan Thi Diem Primary School, National University, Pico Plaza appliance centers, hypermarkets Metro, Big C, a street, Cau Giay – Xuan Thuy about 1km.

Goldmark city vi tri

Goldmark City Location

Community of Goldmark City are almost of foreigner: Korean, Japaness… Specialy, GMC has Inter-school schools By standard of America schools.

Goldmark City apartment complexes including the 40-storey block 9, 2 basement with 5,000 apartments, large campuses 2.1 hectares, 5-storey commercial center thousand square meters wide with many brands English, the international schools with high utility.
The Goldmark city buildings are arranged in harmony with the environment surrounding landscape to create a green space Ideal. Bounding the flower garden, green parks, fountains, children’s play area, tennis courts, soccer field, indoor pool and outdoor, Collective Gym, spa, mini golf … floating point City Goldmark exceptional project is open space system with a blend of green, sun, wind and natural fresh air in a dynamic living space, modern values satisfying life for residents in class apartment complexes City Goldmark.
The apartments meet the needs of the flexibility in the face of 68m2 to 161m2 apartments are designed from 2 to 4 bedrooms with modern design ensures 100% sunlight and natural air circulation is good for health. With upscale interior systems and modern equipment such as fireproof steel door, window class 02 Noise … From the apartment landlord can direct eye out basins in front of more than 20 hectares wide -ta. All are smart layout to maximize utility, giving residents a convenient living space, ideally in the heart of Hanoi.

Block Sapphire 1:

Number of Apartements: 11
Number of staircase: 6
Apartement’s area: 113.64 – 172.90 m2
Rooms: 1 Living rooms, 3 bed rooms, 2 WC, Balcoly, Kitchen.
Prices: about 3.1 – 4.7 billion/ apartement VNĐ (with VAT and without Discount promotion)


Goldmark City drawing

Goldmark City drawing

Block Sapphire 4:

Number of Apartements: 17
Number of staircase: 6
Apartement’s area: 74.37 – 122.83 m2
Rooms: 1 Living rooms, 2-3 bed rooms, 2 WC, Balcoly, Kitchen.
Prices: about 2.5 – 3.6 bilion VNĐ/ apartement (with VAT and without Discount promotion)

Goldmark City drawing sapphire 4

Goldmark City drawing sapphire 4

To see more details and advisory, please call number 093 444 6400 or 096 379 6400 (Ms Lân Anh). If you are Foreigner (Contact by email:

Best regard!

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